Friday, February 3, 2017

Free Styling a crazy cool card.

                                                                       Hello everyone, 
One of my crafty resolutions for the New Year was to stretch my crafty muscle and to learn new techniques. 
For this card I tried free styling. From my understanding free styling is not a new technique to card making. Many designers just grab their stamps and start stamping and voila! a card is done. Not this girl! I usually come up with an idea and a plan for a card, down to the details, and follow that to the end. For this card I switched it up. I stared by making stencil for the background heart. Something simple just cut from a die cut and taped down to the paper. Then I stared spraying with my new obsession Dylusion Ink Spray. 
After the spray was was dry, I used the I SEE YOU stamp set from Simon Says stamp  I started stamping and embossing. I had no plan. I just stamped how I felt the card needed it. The results, dare I say, came out amazing. I was shocked that I made this card because it is soooo far away from what my normal style of card making. I even love the accidental over spray that happened. 
I highly encourage you to  come out of your crafty box. 
Try something new. Stretch those muscles and have a little fun.
That's all for now.



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