Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hello up-cycle Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge

Hey everyone a quick post for my second entry for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. If you did not for know the challenge for this week it is TIC-TAC-TOE.
For this card I went with another across selection. BLUE -STENCIL - CARDBOARD. This choice seemed like a good way to strech that crafty muscle.
First thing needed to do was to locate some cardboard. This came in the form of a frosted flake cereal box. After I dismantled the box and cut it down into the size needed, I selected the SCRIBBLES Tim Hotz stencil and added A LOT of distress ink to the inside of the box, to create the backround. The blue flowers and sentiment are from the Simon Says Stamp Handwritten Floral Greeting stamp set. The flowers are fussy cut, with a hint of white accent pen. Flair was added courtesy of some tiny pearls from "the stash".
Want to talk about a up-cycled card and only ONE cereal box as harmed in the making. Not bad!
As always, check out all the awesome creations, at the blog link listed below.
BY for now. Diane

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Be Amazing- Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge

Hey everyone!  Hope your week is going smooth.
Today I am coming to you today with a card for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
This weeks challenge is TIC-TAC-TOE!
There are some amazing selections on the Tic-Tac-Toe board to challenge every one's creativity.
MY choice was to go across. Sequins-Gold-Stamp.
 I must admit when I saw these three options together, I knew what I was going to do. I have had this card idea rolling around in my head for awhile, I just could not put the pieces together until I saw this option, and then, the crafty light bulb went on.  I started by added some gold flair to card stock with some gold acrylic paint. When that dried, I stamped over the paint with the RUNWAY stamps from Stampers Anonymous, a impulse buy that I am SOOOO glad I purchased now. Stamped in a sentiment with stamps from the BE 3X4 Stamp Set from Simon Says Stamp. Then I dug REAL deep into my sewing stash, and added the gold and silver sequins. A simple card, yes.... but I love it.
Thanks so much for joining me. Don't forget to check out all the other amazing cards on the blog,with the link listed below.
BY for now  DIANE

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cute little cards for Lawnscaping Challenge #132

How is everyone doing today?
Today, we have cards for the Lawnscaping Challenge # 132 DISTRESS MANIACS.
I LOVE me some distress ink. I use distress ink to color everything. That, was not always the case. There was a time when I was TOTALLY afraid if distress ink. If you think about it, as beginner, distress ink is really intimidating, all those insanely awesome backgrounds and ways to manipulate the ink.
For this challenge I wanted to keep it simple. No over the top background, or staining technique. For those beginners out there, just some simple coloring the image. I choose the cute monster from the MONSTER MASH  stamp set, and the cupcake from the BAKE ME A CAKE stamp set. I stared by grabbing my thinlits dies. I always tape my die's down to the paper and then stamp, so that I don't have any size surprises later.  After the stamping and cutting process, I grabbed colors to complement the printed paper I would be using, and just went for it. Keep in mind that it's distress ink  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!  I know these cards are simple, but some time you just need A quick and easy card. That's all for now. Don't forget to check out the Lanscaping Challenge blog in the link below for a whole lot of inspiration. BY for now. DIANE

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Can Do IT! Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge

Hello Everyone!
Finally the weather is cooling down, and it is time for a new challenge. Today we are working on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. I am so EXCITED for this one, because it goes back to my crafty roots. PATTERNED PAPER!
You remember those days before Pinterest and Instagram. Before coloring was all the rage. We had patterned paper to keep us company. That is how I started out in the crafty universe, patterned paper and die cuts. My crafty girlfriends and I would sit around for hours manipulating the paper into all kinds of boxes, cards or whatever. I'm pretty sure this is where the term PROCRAFTINATING came from.
I don't usually buy patterned paper now, (cause my stash is the size of a small country) but.... when I popped by my local stamp store they were all to willing to show me the latest from AUTHENTIQUE  the " Honor Collection", it was love. I chose to go with all patterned paper for this card.  I dug DEEP into the stash and pulled out some metal stars for accents. I love this card. It was SO much fun to make and and I hope it inspires you to dig in you stash and find some old friends.
That's all for now.


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Monday, June 20, 2016

Jung-Yee's card Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge

Hi everyone!
Arizona please take back your heat!
Yes, we are still frying in California.  As you know, if you read my other two blog posts, we are creating cards for the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge ANIMAL MAGIC. So far we have created cards for Alexandria and Oni, two of the three furry friends that rule our house. For our last card, we have the leader of the pack, Jung-Yee.
AKA Her Royal Catness.
As you can see, she is Siamese. Jung is a patience and kind kitty, who always share's with her sisters. She is also VERY bold, loud, and vocal when something does not go her way. For her card I chose to go simple black and white. Using the bee's from the CIRCLE FRIENDS STAMP SET from SIMON SAYS STAMP, we added some color with distress ink. We finished out the card with bright glossy dots and a cute sentiment. Don't forget to stop by the Wednesday challenge blog and check out the other amazing cards, in the link below. BY for now.  DIANE

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Oni's card - Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge

Hey everyone! Still sweating it out in California. I am creating cards for the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.
This week's challenge is ANIMAL MAGIC!
If you read my previous blog post you know that I have decided to create cards for the the 3 furry friends that rule our house.
We have already created a card for Alexandria, and now we are on  to the baby of the group Anastasia, or as we call her Oni.
Oni was the runt of her litter is very structured in all she does. Also, there is always a element of danger with her. She LOVES to hit and run play with everyone, and sunshine is her favorite friend. Using the HELLO CHUM STAMP SET from AVERY ELLE,  I choose to make a stand alone pop-up card featuring a bright orange and yellow sun accented by our friend the shark. We finished out the card with a shell from the local beach to keep it open.  If you get a chance pop on by and check out that last card for our cat Jung-Yee.  BY for now.  DIANE

P.S. Don't forget to check out all the amazing cards for this challenge on the link below.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Alexandria's card - Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge

Hello everyone from a VERY warm California.
Today I am working on cards for the Simon 
Says Stamp Wednesday challenge.
In case you did not know the challenge is ANIMAL MAGIC! They also asked us to include a photo of our furry friends.
So I got to thinking and decided to create cards for the personality of my three furry friends.
First up is Alexandria. She is my craft room companion. She loves to mess with my glitter jars and always seems to get ink on her paws. So, for her I chose a card with a inked up background filled with heart clouds. Using the unicorn from THE GREETING FARM'S MAGICAL FRIENDS STAMP SET, we made the unicorn all glitter-tastic. Lots of bright colors to complement Alexandria always cheery cat self. Pop on by and check out the other two cards for our other two cats. By for now. DIANE

PS.... Don't forget to check out the other amazing cards for this challenge for the link below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Your A Star - Lawnscaping Challenge # 131 Off Kilter

After a looooong battle with a sinus infection,  I can finally work on a card without my head feeling like it's going to fall of my shoulders. Since I am trying to get back into the swing of things, I choose go a bit simple with this card for the the Lawnscaping Challenge- Off Kilter. I am IN LOVE the star from the SO JELLY stamp set. Using the stamp as a print for the card, I stamped the star in a off kilter design. A pop of color comes from Crushed Pistachio stain, and then added some dimension with a bit of Star Dust Stickles. I love the way this card came out and I hope that you enjoyed it. Thanks for stoping by, and don't forget to check out all the cards for the Lawnscaping Challenge on the link below. 
That's all for now.                                   


Friday, June 3, 2016

Monochrome- Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge

Hello to everyone!
What a crazy week, so glad its over.
Today I have a card for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge! If you do not know the challenge is MONOCHROME... According to Goggle, monochrome  is a photograph or picture executed in black or white, or varying tones of only one color. Easy right?  WRONG!  Because I love color, using only one color, is kind of hard!  Never one to back down from a challenge,  I chose my color, SALTY OCEAN.  The good thing about this challenge is that it forced me to really thing about how I used the color. I thought about texture and dimension. In the end, I did not want to end up with a blob of color. I used the Tim Holtz stamp/stencil #7 for the whole project. I had a great time learning something new and stretching my creative muscle.  It felt real good getting out of my comfort zone.   Thanks for the challenge Simon.