Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Black, Purple, and Flamingos?

Hi everyone!
Halloween is almost here and fall is in the air.
THIS card come with a story.
My sister was(and is) a HUGE fan of pink flamingos. She had these two plastic pink flamingos in her front yard for a long time, so long that they were no longer pink.
Everyone in the family hated these flamingos, and they were threatened with the trash on a regular basis.
One October, my sister went to work and left myself, my nice and nephew in charge to create the grave yard for our annual Halloween party. Everything looked good, except for two faded ugly sort of pink flamingos in our spooky graveyard.  Since I knew that touching those flamingos was considered an act of war, we drove down to the local Michales and got us a couple of cans of black spray paint.
When my sister came home from work later that afternoon. She saw her spooky graveyard complete with zombies and BLACK flamingos. I thought I was going to be joining the zombies on the lawn, but she loved them! This card is a tribute to those Black Flamingos, from trash to treasure.
No longer with us but never forgotten.
That's all for now.

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