Wednesday, October 11, 2017

City of Darkness

Hey Everyone!
Totally excited to share this project with you today!
I have recently got into mix media project. Mostly to stretch my craft muscles.
I love the engineering aspect of these projects. It truly makes you think about the project as a whole.
I am super pumped to share this one. This idea just came to me when cooking dinner one day. 
When you check it out your probably going to wonder what I was cooking.

There are 3 levels that went into our city of darkness. 

Level one was "the city" .

This was make using all Tim Holtz Cityscape Dies, with the exception of the moon.
 This is a circle die with a whole lot of Distress Ink.  

Level two the "buried cemetery". 

Most great city's in the world are built on top of a burial spot of some kind.
 Mine is made up of Tim Holtz "village graveyard", and Distress Ink.

 Level three (my favorite) "the underworld" 

The "dirt" is chunky embossing powder from Michales (thank you stash) 
and the irresistible Tim Holtz skulls and bones. 
Originally this area was just skull and bones, 
but my woodworking husband said that this area needed something 
and quickly broke up some scraps of his project to give me "deteriorating coffin parts"
This whole project took two day to complete.
 I not sure if that is a long time in the mix-media world.
I know that when I have a solid idea in my head I just keep at it till the project is done.
This is truly one of my favorite project of all time, and was total blast to do.
I hope that you enjoyed my project. 
Links to the dies below via Simon Says Stamp
Thanks so much for stopping by.

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