Sunday, April 30, 2017

New York and a Whole Lot of Color.

 Hey Everyone!
 I had a whole lot of fun with this Wednesday's Challenge over at Simon Says Stamp
with Newtons Nook Stamps!
As my husband is fond of saying
 "there is a whole lot of crazy color in that creative head."
I think he means it in a good way?? Or because it always takes 
no less than 4 Distress inks to make color happen on a project.
I think that this card qualifies for his statement.

SO.... I had this card floating around in my head for awhile, you know how that goes.
Finally, I had some quiet time to just let the mind create. That is when this card came pouring out.

There are a total of 9 colors of Distress ink used in the color of this card.
10 if you count the Tarnished Brass Distress Stain at the top of the building and on the torch.
but who's counting...
Snacks can influence your color choice, so be wise on what you eat.
 Shaded Lilac Distress Ink is a favorite of mine, and a underused color in the Distress Pallet 
in my humble oppion. A great blending color for all the others in the background.
 Stamp set is "Newton Dreams of New York "from Newtons Nook Stamps
 And.... that's all I have.
Thanks for stopping by
Don't forget to check out all the amazing projects on the link listed below.
Bye for now

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