Monday, August 27, 2018

Live in the Sunshine! IPC 79

We are halfway through the current Inky Paw’s Challenge.
Check out these colors we are working with.

Life can sometime be hectic.  
My inspiration for this challenge is a card that you can whip up really quick.

Live in the Sunshine a card by Diane Morales | Sunscape Stencil by Newton's Nook Designs

Using the Sunscape Stencil and the inspiration colors I came up with this.
I love color blending, I love stencils. This is a marriage of the two
This stencil is perfect for this challenge!   
The colors reminded me of a warm summer day at the sea shore.
When creating these kinds of card, the hardest part is deciding what color go where.
In this case, the colors were obvious! 
 I stared at the top of the card with the yellow to create the sun.

Next, I went to the bottom of the card.  I used the teal to create the waves.

When doing a color only card, I find it easier to start at the top 
and bottom and blend the center colors into the top and bottom colors.
With that thought in mind, I added the tangerine to the 
yellow sun and the magenta to the waves up to the orange.

A reminder, you might not like color on the first card you make. That’s ok!
It took me four tries with color and stencil to create the look was going for.
With the coloring finished, I was thinking about a with a way to finish the card.

Going thru my Newton’s Nook Stamps I came upon the
 sentiments from the Paradise Palms Stamp Set and 
knew it was the perfect sentiment for this card. 

To the sentiment I added some gemstone bling in coordinating colors.

This card is now finished.
I hope that this inspires you to try color blending.
There are no rules to how you choose to mix your 
colors and it is so much fun to do!

With one more week for the current challenge,
 plenty of time to try color blending for yourself.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Links to the goodies below.

Have an amazing week


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