Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Load of Fun IPC 99

We are at the halfway point of the current Inky Paws Challenge!

All I can say is WOW!
What incredibly crafty projects everyone is coming up with!
I came up with this card.

Loads of Fun a card by Diane Morales | Newton Cleans Up Stamp set by Newton's Nook Designs

EVERYBODY that has a cat knows that laundry becomes
extra if your cat is anywhere nearby.
The buzz of the dryer is like a dinner bell for my cats!
This is the Purrr-fect stamps set to use with rainbow theme.
The hardest part was deciding where the colors will go!
The natural choice was to have an orange kitty,
so that is my staring point.
Once my kitty was colored, I filled in my “laundry”
with colors that best match that orange kitty.

In the end I had a last color of yellow.
Why not make that my laundry basket!
The finishing touch are the rainbow hearts that I added.
These are made from the same color Distress Ink
 that I used to color in my “laundry”.

 Simply swatch out the color in ½ inch sections, let dry and die cut out 
with the heart from the Speech Bubble Die Set.
 I hope this inspires you to get out your favorite color medium and create
some rainbow using your favorite Newton’s Nook Stamps!
As always, there is link in the challenge picture.

Thanks for dropping by.


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