Sunday, April 1, 2018

Cheers to You IPC 69

Welcome to a NEW 
Inky Paw’s Challenge.

Our new challenge is all about creating something fun for BIRTHDAY

Cheers to You a card by Diane Morales | Cocktail Mixer Stamp Set by Newton's Nook Designs

The idea for this for this card came a while ago when
the Love Bites Stamp Set arrived at my door.
It just seems natural to put the Cocktail Mixer Stamp Set together with it.
But, I was not sure how.
It wasn't until recently one night, the concept came while I was falling asleep.
“I thought WOW! that would be a good idea for a card,
I hope I remember this in the morning”.
The best part of this card is that it all came from pieces of scrap.
 Yes! that scrape pile we all have of elements that we did not use on other cards 
that we do not want to throw away because THEY might be useful later.
 Scrap pile today is your day!

Starting with the green background that came from the Land Border Die Set
This was left over from the egg project I just did for the last challenge.
The “cheers” is from the Cocktail Die Set left over
 from Christmas project that turned into a disaster.
The “olives” and “Martini” came from a project I did a while ago.
 I always stamp extras just in case I mess up.
Even the blue circle was leftover scrap I had sitting in my die cut scrap box.
Luckily for me, I remembered how I envisioned the card when I went to sleep.
 I just added all the elements on as I remember them.
I have not done a graphic die-cut card in a while and it felt good!
I surprised myself!

Now it is YOUR TURN.
Dig deep into the scrap pile, grab some elements,
and show us how you get your PAWS INKY.
 As always, links to the stamps are below.
 Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by.

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